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In our exclusive training space learn how to workout effectively, work around and improve any injuries (while helping to limit any future ones!) and move/perform better than you have before. No more guessing on what to do or falling off the wagon!

We're not a typical big box gym or "anything goes" workout area - every time you train you will have access to all of the equipment and training space (by yourself or within your group) *exclusively* and under the guidance of your coach. 

Whether you are training 1 on 1, with a partner, or in our semi-private group setting, your sessions get you the benefits of:

  • Experienced coaching and taking you through your customized workout based on your assessment and goals. This includes correcting your form and making sure movements are done safely and effectively. 

  • Joining a community of active and body-positive individuals within Skoye Fitness and the EVP Center. Movement is often more fun and engaging with those around us along the way! 

  • Learning new movements and exercises to keep your fitness routine fresh and engaging long term. 

  • Taking active responsibility of your health and wellness journey. 

  • Embracing challenging situations so you can learn and grow with change. 

  • Have fun and adding some positivity to your day! 

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