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Skoye Fitness is a private training space located within the EVP Center. 

In and around the training space, we take pride in running a clean, open facility for all ages and abilities in a body positive environment. We are not open to anytime public access which means no waiting around, nobody taking your machine and convenient access to equipment.

Included in our Facility

  • A dedicated training space fully equipped with all the strength, flexibility, cardio and athletic tools necessary for your successful fitness journey

  • Towel service, water bottle fill up stations and basic toiletry items

  • Washroom and change rooms with lockers

  • Skoye Fitness private office space for assessments and consultations

  • On site AED and first aid supplies

  • Fully licensed food and drink bar complete with multiple tv screens for enjoyment at your leisure (outside of your workout of course!)

  • Abundant on site parking 

Facility Pic 2.jpg
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