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"Brantley is fantastic! He has been both mine and my husband's trainer for over 3 years. His intuition to focus on your posture, strength and flexibility is second to none. He is adaptable for all injuries (I have a terrible back) and he has made adjustments to my training program on the spot which helps me get the most out of my workout. He plans two separate but personalized programs for me and my husband, and executes them simultaneously. Finally, his empathy and approach to training has been eye opening and very welcoming - has made us love the gym again and helped us both become stronger and more flexible while having fun!"

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"After training for years at the gym with limited results and nagging injuries, I knew a change in routine was needed. It was then I decided to work with a trainer. One year later, at 51, I am feeling energized with increased strength, mobility and improved health. Brantley has carefully listened to my concerns and goals, creating custom programs that are diverse and challenging. This, along with ongoing coaching, has been a difference maker for me. I'm back to enjoying many activities such as water skiing, downhill skiing and biking with a renewed sense of confidence and being pain free."

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I have been working out with Brantley since the start of 2023 and he has been an incredible support to maintaining my fitness goals, and ensuring that I can keep up with the sports I love to play.

He is incredibly detailed with his workout plans and ensures that you are working on exactly what you need for your goals.

He helped coach and bring my fitness level back up to speed after a broken ankle last summer, and made sure that I was able to get back into working out safely!

I'd highly recommend him for anyone looking to work with a trainer, no matter what your level of experience is!


“When I started training with Brantley, I was nervous about my ability to keep up and get back to my pre-pandemic activity level. Brantley has been patient and encouraging throughout our time together, tailoring a program that builds my strength and empowers me to succeed. Brantley pushes me out of my comfort zone and doesn’t let me quit. I feel better both physically and mentally because of my training with him. I am grateful for all of his knowledge and positivity in our sessions!”


“When we did my consultation/assessment, one of the concerns I mentioned was not going so far to failure during my workouts with you that I wouldn’t be able to respond to a search call afterwards. Last Friday, I was able to put that to the test when we got called out that evening to search for a missing individual and I am happy to report that you found a good balance for me. I felt well worked over when I left our workout but had recovered enough by suppertime to spend 2 hours hiking through the bush up and down one of the ravines in the city. Thanks for supporting my needs.”


"As a physician with a previous injury, I wanted to find a trainer with a proven foundation in fitness, and flexibility for physical limitations. Brantley has far exceeded my expectations. He is clearly a safe space for anyone seeking to improve their health, and I can’t recommend him enough."

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